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cheap soap powder| Which is better? Soap Powder or Detergent Powder?

In the market today, you see a variety of laundry detergents, and unlike in the past when only laundry powders were manufactured for this purpose, today both laundry and laundry detergents are used for laundry. Aside from the differences between powder and washing liquid, both detergents have their advantages and disadvantages, each of which should be examined in its own right and these advantages and disadvantages should be considered when purchasing. This article will review this issue in detail to guide you through your purchase of these detergents and help you find the best cheap soap powder. 

cheap soap powder| Which is better? Soap Powder or Detergent Powder?

Is powder detergent cheaper than liquid?

Is powder detergent cheaper than liquid?Powder detergents are cheaper than liquids because of their instructions, Laundry powders have a higher cleaning and staining power, and when faced with very powdery, thick, and hard stains, it is best to use machine powder. Therefore, it is not suitable for black and fine clothing and non-stationary colors, and in these cases washing liquid is recommended. Powders advantages are much more it does not have all the advantages Washing powders are granular and some of them do not dissolve well in water even if the powder is good soluble but used extensively, still water is saturated and the powder does not dissolve in water so after Washing, rounding or even white staining can be seen on the clothes.The percentage of chemicals in washing powders is higher than the washing liquid, which is why it is much more likely to damage the clothes with the washing powder you should probably ignore the unacceptably cheap detergent powder offers. for more information about cheap washing powder wholesale and buying them you can easily search on online stores.

What are the advantages of soap powders?

What are the advantages of soap powders?Soap powders have many advantages which we are going to tell you about some of them : 

  • They have high cleansing power for washing stains. 
  • The price of washing powder is cheaper and cheaper. 
  • Since laundry powders are more durable than washing liquids, the powder storage areas are longer. 
  • Inside the laundry powder there are bleaching agents that are durable and more durable. 
  • You can use them even on cheap washing machines

How are soap powders made?

How are soap powders made?Best washing powders are sodium or potassium salts of fatty acids in the formula CH3- (CH2) n-COO-Na. Where n> 10. Fatty acids are organic acids found in vegetable oils or animal fats. These compounds have a large or unsaturated hydrocarbon chain of large to 2 to 3 carbon atoms. Fats whose fatty acid molecules have less than 2 or more carbon atoms are not useful in making soaps, because in the first case, the resulting soap will have an undesirable effect on the skin, will be volatile and have an unpleasant odor, and in the second case, the soap. The result is not dissolved in water. In fact, salt contains three stearic, palmitic, oleic fatty acids in the soap structure.The soap-cleansing action can be explained by its molecular structure and emulsifying properties. Most of the contaminants are fatty and oily compounds, and soap is usually used to remove them.(And hydrophilic (soap glue + COO-Na -)) are formed. Soap molecules on the one hand are soluble in water and on the other hand soluble in fats whenever there are soap molecules in the water-oil system. It interferes between the two fluids and blends them together, in fact, the hydrocarbon chain having a non-polar organic structure readily blends in with the non-polar lipid molecules while the highly polar + COO-Na group which The hydrophilic portion of the soap enters the aqueous layer due to the water being coated, thus making the soap molecules in the common season.

Compare Washing Powders With Each Other

Compare Washing Powders With Each OtherThe most common types of home washing machines are: 1. Bucket washing machines that have only one tank for washing clothes. Twin (semi-automatic two-chamber) washing machines that have two tanks, one for washing and the other for dewatering and drying. 2. A fully automatic washing machine with a tank lid on the front or top of the machine, and once the clothes are set and programmed, all the steps of washing, washing, draining and drying are done automatically as scheduled. The bucket motor may be of the polarized or capacitive type, using the polarized motor only when the motor is directly connected (without straps) to the boiler and cannot be rotated in rotation, but the twin washing machines because they usually have a boiler They are plastic and do not use a heater element.In twin cars using the two timers they set the car’s shift schedule so that if the timer is enabled, the car will have a longer rotation time in each direction.

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