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industrial washing powder| Strong powders leaving no stain

Two types of detergent are sold in the market, one for use in a washing machine, and Powder for hand washing clothes.  

The difference between hand wash Powder and industrial washing powder is in their composition, the industrial washing powder is dissolved easily and quickly in water, while the hand wash Powder should be well-wetted and needs about 5 to 10 minutes to completely dissolve in water . This long time to dissolve the powder in water causes the washing of the washing machine to finish until the powder is dissolved in water and the clothes are not completely cleaned. 

industrial washing powder has different types, each of which has different properties depending on its function. Consider choosing a good powder and getting better results from standard powders produced for specific function. Improper use of industrial washing powder causes damage to The texture of the clothes and the washing machine. 

Advantages Washing powder in comparison with washing liquid: 

  • Powders are generally cheaper. 
  • Their packaging is cardboard and more Recyclable.
  • Powders are more durable than liquids and allow you to store and buy in bulk, which saves costs. 
  • Powder ingredients such as bleach and surfactant are more stable. 


    • The powder does not easily dissolve in water and causes white spots on the clothes. 
    • Unless you use hot water, you need more energy and Cost when using hot water. 
      • Sodium sulfate in the powder will damage the sewage system in the Long-term. 
      • Powder compared to fluids containing chemicals (fillers inside it) is more. 

      industrial washing powder| Strong powders leaving no stain

      Commercial washing powder 2019

      Commercial washing powder 2019

      Today, the media have a lot of Advertising about Commercial washing powder. And this has led to better understanding and more people buying. Powder detergents have become part of the family’s essential supplies. 

      You can do two things to buy this product. First: Buy it from a detergent stores and supermarket . Second: Buy it from online stores. 

      leading producers of washing powder

      leading producers of washing powderThis product has many customers in the world and many companies in the world have been manufacturing this product. But there is a problem, and it’s a new detergent called a liquid detergent dishes and clothes. Today, detergent liquids have made people less likely to use detergent powders. 

      But if you read the labels on the powders packaging, you will see that the best detergents are produced in Germany. But Iran is also trying to achieve self-sufficiency in the production of detergents and reduce its imports. That’s why it started producing high quality detergents. 

      industrial washing powder wholesale in UK

      industrial washing powder wholesale in UKAnother major producer of industrial powders is the UK. On the label of detergents is carved under German or British license. This means that the product is produced in another country, but under the supervision and according to the British manufacturers’ formula. 

      Today, with the advancement of the industry, most of our personal work, including washing clothes and other things, is done by machines. In many cases it has been seen that consumers do not use such machines in a desirable manner, and due to the non-standard behaviors that they carry with these machines, they raise costs. By choosing the Suitable detergent, you can save money. British detergents are a global brand known in the world.  

      industrial washing powder pricing factors

      industrial washing powder pricing factorsThere are many factors in the pricing of detergent powders. One of these factors is the type of powder and the type of material used in it. Powders with higher enzyme numbers are usually more expensive than other powders. Enzymes have played an important role in the development and development of detergents and industrial washing powder. 

      The most important enzymes include protease, lipase, amylase and cellulase, each of which has a special function in detergent products and dishwashing liquids. Protease is the first enzyme used in detergents. In addition to enhancing cleansing power, enzymes have environmental benefits by reducing energy consumption with shorter washing time, reducing the temperature of washing and reducing water use. 

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